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Summer is here and so are some exciting Rope Jams. Mark your calendars and get excited!

Cheeky Merch

The winner of the Design Competition will win $250 and will have their design featured on the official Knotty NY T-shirt and merch. The deadline to submit your art has been extended to July 8th. We will narrow the submission down and the top contenders will be voted on.

Rope for Sale

We will also be placing a new order with Degiotto Rope. Please let us know by July 11th if you’d like to get in on the group order.

Just Show Up

The days of signing up for each session is behind us. The dates, times, and venue are advertised, so just show up! However, we still recommend that newcomers register so they can get on the mailing list.

Welcoming Challenges

Here’s your challenge, should you choose to accept it. Upon arrival, there will be a demo bottom tied and it’s your task to recreate it on your own boy. No instruction or guidance. Just you studying the tie and practicing your skills. That being said…


Who knew we would ever run into the problem of having too many riggers and not enough bottoms! Because of this we are going to start highly encouraging you to bring a friend to tie. Will still remain as a suggestion, not a requirement.

Rope Jams

We are continuing the format of having structured lessons on Tuesdays and a free tying Rope Jam on Saturdays. July’s ‘Pool Party’ is sponsored by Swimwear and floaties are highly encouraged. Note: Not a real pool.

In August we will we have invited our friends over at Gotham Kennel Club to join us for our first Pup Rope Jam! And once again to celebrate BoundFlyBoy’s birthday, dust off your singlets and athletic gear, for September’s SPORTSBALLS Jam.

Consent Is Sexy…

And necessary. Even though we are a very tactile event, we want to maintain a welcoming and educational environment for all those looking to learn and explore rope. Be respectful of your fellow ropers and be vocal of your needs and limits. If a scene changes or strays away from the original negotiation please feel empowered to speak up or come to Connor or Stephen for support.


In an effort to offset admissions’ slip knot, we are asking for donations towards our scholarship fund. Helping All Naughty Kinksters, H.A.N.K will proactively counterbalance the sliding scale ensuring we able to keep the doors open to all financial situations.

Summer Schedule

July 11

Stephen – Fundamentals
Connor – Box Tie Lab

July 29

‘Pool Party’ Rope Jam Sponsored by Peachy King

August 8

Connor – Fundamentals
Stephen – Suspension 201 Redo

August 26

Pup Rope Jam with Gotham Kennel Club & Self Suspension Demo by Jamie

September 5

Stephen – Fundamentals
Connor – Box Tie Redo

September 23


Session Breakdown


6:55 pm

Doors open & mingle

7:30 pm

Doors close, introductions, Break off into tying groups

9:00 pm

Free tying and questions

10:00 pm



2:55 pm

Doors open & mingle, 1:1 Fundamentals

3:30 pm

Door closes, Knotty Workshop & Social Demo if scheduled

6:00 pm

Jake’s Saloon takeover

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