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I'm new to this! So I'm wondering how beginners are taught/how their first session is?

We love beginners. Every social broken up into a beginner and more advanced section. So whether you’re coming for the first time or just want to brush up on the building blocks, we will always be doing beginner ties.

It would be my first time, I'm intimidated...

There are plenty of friendly guys in each class to help you get acclimated. New guys come every time.

Is there ever a gathering before or after the session?

Nothing official, so let’s make it happen!

How much rope should I bring?

We have plenty of rope to borrow but feel free to bring what you got.

What kind of rope type do you recommend?

This comes down to personal preference. All of the loaner rope is hemp but another popular option is jute which is little bit rougher. Nylon, cotton, and posh, are also common. It also depends what you’re using it for.

What do I wear?

Anything you’re comfortable moving around in. Gym clothes is most common. BoundFlyBoy always loves a singlet.

What if I only wanna get tied?

Oh, trust us. You will get tied.

Can I be naked?

No, please at the very least wear a jockstrap.

Can I bring my girlfriend?

Our space is targeted towards the queer man. We are happy to recommend a more appropriate group for your curiosities.