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Spring Newsletter

What is up Rope Men of NYC!

Can you believe we’ve been tying each other up for a full year? And what an incredible year it’s been. We recently asked your opinions on how to improve and we’ve listened. Below is a neat little bundle of the changes that are to come as well as a few announcements.

Anniversary and Rubber Weekend

To celebrate our incredibly knotty year, we are hosting the NYC Rubber Club and throwing a Gear Social! This will act a pre-game to the first NYC Rubber Contest hosted at RockBar later that evening. We encourage you to bring a friend and wear your most comfortable gear, as we will still be tying each other.

Register for April 22, 2023

Knotty Workshop

We are excited to introduce Knotty Workshop: an unstructured session that will take place on Saturday Knotty’s. We invite you to use the space to explore, practice, and be social. Catch up on past ties, show off what you’ve learned and get tips & tricks from other riggers. Also this would be a great time to bring inspo from the internet and get help dissecting it with the group. As always, we welcome those looking to learn or refresh their fundamentals with more personal 1:1’s.

Admissions' Sliding Knot

In a non-consensual hog-tie with your bank account? In order to accommodate as many of you kinky fuckers as possible, we are adopting a sliding scale. Our suggested price will remain $25 but any amount will be accepted, no questions asked. Those just looking to be tied will be asked for a donation starting at $10.


Totally bound financially? We got you! Moving forward, there will be 2 opportunities for volunteers in exchange for admission. These are first come first serve so the sooner you sign up the better. Please let us know if you are interested after you register.

Guest Presenters

In addition to some Knotty Workshops, we will be inviting experts in other kink areas to share their passion. This is where you come in. Tell us what curiosities you’ve got. Who do you want to meet? Care to show off your own kinky skill set? We wanna know!

Hitches for Homos

Still having trouble explaining what we do to your curious friends? is here! Q&A’s, pics and sign up links will help clarify our naughty world.

Finally, we thank you so much for joining us in our knotty adventures. It truly has been a pleasure getting to know you and we are so grateful we get to tie you up. Help us grow by spreading the word on social media. Stay connected with those you meet on Instagram and Telegram. And as always… #stayknotty

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